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About us

30 years of excellence​

Acropoli has been between the leaders in the field of the space planning and project management already for a while. lt was born from the desire of some professionals to bring together in a single structure their resources and mutual experiences in the field of the realization working environments. And it continues to move forward, always in step with the times, willingly accepting today’s challenges and delivering excellent results. ​

​Acropoli interacts and operates in complete harmony with the client’s internal structures, proposing itself as a partner in conducting and resolving all the problems connected to the office​ space.​

Our dedicated team of consultants, designers and suppliers will create the most suitable and efficient plan to transform your workplace. ​

We come from a wide range of experience, bringing dynamic insight across backgrounds, generations and specialisms to every project. Our in-house specialists ensure the spaces we build today are designed for the future by supporting both flexibility and sustainability.​

We offer you a Partner who is able to follow every stage of the project, which translates into saving time and money on the way to guaranteed goals.

"Our client focused approach has brought us sustained success and professional growth. We pride ourselves in consistent delivery, and much of our portfolio represents repeat business from our clients."

Francesca Matrone, CEO


We believe a construction project succeeds when all stakeholders are collaborating together from start to finish. That means inviting everyone including our designers, project managers, construction managers, trusted partners, etc. to the table to foster involvement, creativity, effectiveness to meet or exceed our customer’s needs throughout the project.

This type of project delivery allows us to work with our Clients from the beginning to listen and understand the intent of the project. Throughout the process, we have the ability to quickly and easily modify or adapt the project according to the Client’s needs, unlike with a traditional Design-Bid-Build delivery method.

Design&Build is a construction delivery formula where the Design-Build Team works under a single contract to provide Design and Construction Services. Design-Build teams work together from the project’s start through completion, providing a collaborative approach that has been shown to save time and money when compared to traditional Design-Bid-Build methods. In addition, Design-Build contracts often lead to better communication and coordination between the designers, contractors, and subcontractors, resulting in a more efficient construction process.

With No 3rd parties and a smoother process, design-build can save time and money on large construction projects.

With Design&Build contracting, the same company is responsible for both the design and construction of a project. This allows a better coordination than compared to a traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery method.

With Design&Build  you have a pre-construction team that performs construction reviews much earlier in the process, creating a more efficient project.

Design&Build contractors can often complete projects faster than traditional project delivery methods which will save on all overhead expenses associated with the project.


All our projects are made taking into account 5 quality guidance:

Depending on the job phase, we proceed by doing Technical Due Diligence, Requirement Briefing, Construction Checklist and report, Snagging list, Commissioning

Our team includes professional competences covering all possible aspects of the project, such as Administrative Permit, MEP Engineering, Architectural and Interior Design, Commissioning and Delivery

Detailed planning update during all project stages. Critical path analysis.

Capex and quotations made by our own technical staff. Value engineering. Cost monitoring during the construction works process

We always appoint one unique responsible as your dedicated point of contact throughout the project. Continuous construction follow up on site with detailed photographic reports. Management of all the subjects (Landlords, Building Managers, Nominated Vendors, Suppliers) involved into the project.